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Testimonials by Pharmacists

  • Dear Vipul, With the help of your very well structured mock exam, I am happy to inform you that I passed the OSCE exam. I sincerely thank you and all your assessors for helping me achieve this! Thank yo​u​

    - Anika Chotai​ ​ ​May-2017 -
  • Dear Mr. Vipul, I'd like to convey the good news that I passed the OSCE this time. ​ I'd like to thank you so much for your sincere efforts, advice, integrity & professionalism. It all made the difference for me this time.​

    - Mohamed Hisham Abdelaal ​ May -2017 -
  • Hello ​Vipul. This is Maureen. I passed OSCE. Thanks for all the help.

    - Maureen – May-2017 -
  • Thank you for your efforts and support, I passes and going to recommend your course for everyone I know because it's the best course & best teachers.

    - Enjy​ – May -2017 -
  • Hello Vipul. I know it is a bit late but thanks for your effort i passed OSCE. It was my first attempt.

    - Dr George Lotfy (July 2016) -
  • Hello! Solrx team specially Vipul Sir I cleared my OSCE: It was my 3rd attempt. Thank you for your personal guidance and mentor ship.

    - Tony (July 2016) -
  • Hello! Vipul Sir I don’t have words to thank you for your guidance. I was blessed to have you as my teacher and you are the true reason for my success for OSCE.

    - Himmat (July 2016) -
  • It was a great experience. Everything is helpful, the Solrx course put you on the right track and the mock test is very similar to the actual exam.

    - Saja Khalid (July 2016) -
  • Thanks Solrx, i passed osce

    - Ahmed Tolba (July 2016) -
  • HI Mr. Vipul... Thanks god I passed OSCE this time. Thanks a lot for your attention Regards

    - Mina Hanns (July 2016) -
  • I highly recommend this course for anyone who is going to take the OSCE exam. it is the best teaching course with amazing and very helpful tips’ have tried other courses before but i was able to clear my exam easily only after I took SolRx course. Many thanks to Vipul and all his coaching team.

    - May Albakr (July 2016) -
  • First, I appreciate all the effort and hard working that let us to achieve our goal, it was an amazing course since they give the clear vision about the real meaning of OSCE exam, all the staff answered our questions with highly professional and knowledgeable manner, they tried to help us in so many ways. Last thing SolRx mean OSCE and OSCE mean SolRx.

    - Ruaa Yousif (July 2016) -
  • After the exam , i found the exam was easy but it needs good preparation,which means how i can manage the case ,what is the important points i should know and talk about and i found this good preparation with you. thanks for your effort.

    - Manal -
  • Dear Solrx team, I'm happy to inform you that I passed my mcq exam successfully . Indeed your class helped me a lot and I would like to thank you for it.

    - Mandana -
  • I had taken OSCE previously with you and successfully cleared. Now, I found success at MCQ because of Solrx. The online program was a great help for therapeutics. I would also like to acknowledge that your course provided great thought process for pharmacy practice and management section. The mock exams were a great help. I would definitely recommend your course to any International Pharmacy Graduate.

    - Sujay -
  • I passed MCQ because of your excellent program in pharmacy practice and management covering competency 2 till 7. I had no idea how I would prepare for this section which weighed about 50%. Thanks to your faculty who provided such a rich content that I found management and pharmacy practice section very easy to deal with.

    - Suketu -
  • I was hesitant to take both exams after feedback from my seniors. Now I can say that I have passed both OSCE and MCQ in November 2011. It has been possible because of your outstanding effort, quality content and the insight you have about the examination. Thank you team Solrx – you made it look easy, you made it look achievable, you made it possible.

    - Mit -
  • I have successfully cleared my OSCE exam. Solrx has contributed greatly towards my success and I would like to say a big thank you to all at Solrx.

    - U.P. -
  • I passed the OSCE exam thanks God, and I would like to really thank Solrx for all your sincere efforts ….and encouragement. Thank you Solrx

    - Mona -
  • I have passed my osce exam. Thank you for all efforts including lots of interactive, non interactive stations, guidelines and moral support Solrx team have provided to me. I will like to say a big thank you to all the team members at Solrx for the superb guidance and directions you guys gave us during the OSCE preparation course. Infact, I must admit - its this guidance and direction that has helped me clear the OSCE on this occasion. You made it look so easy and straight forward. Thank you again for all your good work.

    - Charles -
  • I have passed my osce exam. Thank you for all efforts including lots of interactive, non interactive stations, guidelines and moral support Solrx team have provided to me.

    - Zubeda -
  • I can't find words to thank team Solrx for the understanding and concern you showed towards me and showed me the light and the confidence and helped me shaping up my dream career. …..and an insight to candidates looking to enroll in review program: at SOLRX everyone gets the tailored training and attention according to individual needs that can greatly enhance your chances of success.

    - Shamah -
  • Passed OSCE and what a relief……it would not have been possible without the help of Solrx. Thank you team Solrx

    - Asad -
  • OSCE CLEARED !!!. My happiness knows no bounds today…… first and formost I would like to forward my whole hearted thanks to team SOLRx for bringing me this wonderful feeling. Thanks to your excellent guidence, teamwork and encouragement, which not only drastically boosted my confidence in the class but also backed me up during the exam, and thanks to their series of moke exams which well trained me to keep my cool and confident during the intense exam that i could perform well Thank you all so very much.

    - Anand -

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